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Welcome to the fight to rescue our future! As you can see from our "Revitazona" Platform on this web site, Komor4Governor has plenty of positive plans to address the current issues Arizona is facing, but without a future, no candidates plans amount to much! The BIG issue facing Arizona (and the world) is climate change. Global warming doesn't get votes, so you won't hear about it from other candidates, but based on my years of experience with senior climate scientists we are running out of time to put into motion a safe and workable plan for removing carbon from the atmosphere on which every citizen of Arizona depends for the essentials of life.   Our campaign team has a plan for beginning the journey toward removing carbon from the atmosphere and all we need is your vote to get going.

One challenge we face with climate change is it is SO BIG. It's causing us to run off in different directions - some putting up solar panels, some putting up sand bags, but climate change CAN BE an extraordinary opportunity to bring people together! HERE IS 3-3-3 PLAN:  First read our "Revitazona" Platform. Then, in the next 3 days choose 3 people (or more) you know and talk with them or email them our platform (feel free to copy and paste) pointing out our plans for addressing the carbon burden in the atmosphere. Then ask those 3 people to each pick 3 people they know to share the "Revitazona" Platform document with. In doing so, you will be helping to generate a "ripple effect" and we can multiply our numbers and get the word out without selling out to big corporate doors!  I know it can be uncomfortable approaching people and sharing your convictions, but THIS is the most powerful thing you can do to protect future generations from extinction at the hands of the fossil fuel barons who have been using our skies as an open sewer and are now refusing to take responsibility. It only takes 3 phone calls or 3 emails to make the difference we all need.  The incumbent has over $20 million dollars in corporate support - much of it from the fossil fuel industry - but this is still the United States of America and dollars don't get a vote - people do! WE CAN FIX THIS! Please contact your friends and family now and spread the word. Help us, help you to rescue the future!

FLASH: The Gubernatorial Results for the Arizona Primary are in!! Gov. Doug Ducey won the Republican nomination and David Garcia grabbed the Democratic Nomination. BUT According to Emerson College polling results it looks like around 35% of voters that would generally go Republican are still undecided and around 48% of voters that would generally go Democratic are still undecided even following the primaries.  Being uncommitted before the primaries could simply mean you have not selected your party candidate yet, but AFTER the primaries there could only be one reason for SO MANY voters to be "uncommitted".  The most likely explanation is that these voters are Write -In votes. (Of course there is no polling for write in candidates so we can only make inferences from this data), but there is hope to believe that voters have gotten wise to the "We'll create more jobs so you can barely get by and make us rich" political money-grab game.  Smart voters also understand there is no more hiding from climate change - it is upon us and only getting worse.  We cannot "ride out the storms"  - our only hope to rescue our children's future - begin a sensible carbon removal initiative  NOW!


1)Strengthening Communities History shows that people of good heart and spirit care for their neighbors in difficult times. All of us have, at every moment of our lives, the opportunity to choose the path of kindness and compassion or fear and selfishness. We must work to strengthen the motivations and rewards for kindness and compassion among Arizonans.

2)Prioritizing Our Children’s Education We must ensure that our professional teachers and administrators are supported and fairly compensated for their important work with our children. In turn we must work to hire, train and expect the best. We must also keep our students safe by increasing peer support, applying the lessons of airport safety and deploying "School Marshal's" with the tactics and equipment needed to address crisis events in this very sensitive environment. 

3)Supporting Arizona’s Tribal and Latino Communities Tribal communities occupy a large portion of Arizona’s land-mass. Moreover, historically Native Americans have had far fewer opportunities to express their strengths and abilities or actualize their dreams and ambitions. As Governor, my Administration will work for justice and protection for Latino and Native people's.  

4)Developing Vibrant Business We will engage and support the businesses of Arizona who are working to increase their profitability while sharing those profits with their employees on whom success depends.

5)Creating Healthcare Equality America is a society that cares for our own. Every citizen deserves to have access to optimal healthcare without unrealistic costs.

6)Repairing Climate Change This must be our number one priority. Research tells us we are now in the last 10-15 years in which we will have an opportunity to repair atmospheric damage. All reputable scientists agree that efforts at sustainability (reducing further carbon emissions, shifting to alternative energy) will not be enough without the actual removal of carbon already in our atmosphere. Informed by an advisory group of senior scientists, our campaign has a plan for beginning the fight to restore balance to our climate and rescue our future.

7)Resource Management & Mitigation In the first quarter of 2018 the US government calculated that two thirds of Arizona is currently facing severe to extreme drought. Last summer 50 flights were grounded at Sky Harbor International Airport because the heat – which hit 116F – made the air too thin to take off safely. The 2017 fire season, at its peak, saw 21 wildland fires active across the state. Almost 190,000 acres of land were burned by August 2017 - roughly one-third of the size of Maricopa County, or roughly 60 percent of the size of Phoenix. With sustainability alone, these conditions will continue to worsen to intolerability. Even with our plan for Climate Change Repair we will still need strong leadership to manage Arizona's climate change challenges.

8)Environmental Protection True to its pioneering spirit, Arizona has taken on the task of moving as rapidly as possible to sustainable, non-polluting sources of energy and reducing our state-wide “climate footprint”. We must also work to ensure that Arizona's many environmental blessings are not squandered or stolen by federal and other outside interests.

9)Migration and Human Rights The UN is reporting there were over 189 million people forced to leave their homes in 2017 alone! Some of those could be us as dust storms, drought, flooding and wildfires force us to migrate (until we remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce planetary temperatures).  We will work with immigration authorities to provide protection for those who entered Arizona’s borders fleeing traumatic conditions. We will also work with federal agencies to fight for more fair and expedient entry criteria for those who wish to bring their strengths, abilities and dreams to Arizona. Finally, we will maintain a strict and unwavering intolerance for illegal migration, smuggling and those who wish to bring violence and lawlessness to Arizona, judging people by their behavior not by the color of their skin or economic background.

10)Stronger Government In the past century American governance as an expression of the will of the citizenry has been degraded. People need a voice in their society and corporations don't give us all a vote.  The purpose of corporations is to make money. The purpose of government is to protect the welfare of it's citizens. Two very different jobs that need to be in balance. Government does not have to be large, complex and expensive to do it's job.

11)Traffic Safety Arizona motor vehicle crash deaths are again on the rise and a large proportion of these deaths are born by young drivers new to the experience.

12)Gun Safety Automatic weapons are designed for use by military and law enforcement personnel. They have no place among civilians in our society. We will continue to register semi-automatic firearms for hunting and personal defense. Carrying a concealed weapon implies that the weapon might be used in a public setting (there is no need to conceal a gun at home). With this in mind, approximately 24 hours of classroom and field training will be required to obtain or renew a license including a background check. This would include training in "shoot - don't shoot" scenario's, weapon retention and use of concealment and cover. 

Dr. Christian R. Komor, THE Write-In Candidate for Arizona Governor 2018

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